Sexuality that force the world's trying to make you feel bad about. Especially if you're a man. Too much of it and you're a pervert or a sexual predator in the making. Everything's taboo and yet we're more twisted sexually than ever before. Call good bad and then there won't be a difference between the two.

Making love on the beach as the sun sets becomes the same as a date rape in a city apartment. All the beauty of it all gone into the abyss of morality and ethics.

The beauty of a woman's breasts, the embarrassment of a sickly society. Only to be seen where she isn't known by strangers who do not care for her.

Dressed in paper bags and pyjamas to hide any remnant of a curvy, sexy, thrilling body, lest God forbid a man were to notice, to whistle, to call out a compliment. For sure he would only progress to dangerous grounds against this lamb of the shepherdless land.

A man, with an open shirt, and a tanned, muscular body who walks with his head up can only be a creep. A pussy whipped, pathetic man is decent but no woman wants him, and marries him hesitantly as she fucks his friends and neighbors until the final divorce.

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