Thought 81

In the past I wanted to share with the world everything. Now I want my privacy. I no longer want others to see, know or think about me.

I don't care to be famous or well known. I rather be anonymous. Successful beyond measure and in the shadows. Maybe it's the Swiss in me? Maybe it's because I'm 37? I don't know.

All I know is that I no longer want to share with people, with the world. I can share a nice picture, but my thoughts I want to keep to myself. Maybe a base description or a neutral word or two, but my deep thoughts I don't want to share. I don't even know if I want them discovered once I'm no longer here.

I like to write and I know I'm good at it but I don't want to share. If it's knowledge you want there's plenty of it to be found. If there's truth you want, there's plenty of it to be found.

Truth is a tricky subject though. They'll tell you it's subjective but I don't agree. There is objective truth but it's likely not one truth. The idea that each person has their own truth is possible but that a truth can be the opposite of another truth? I don't know.

If the truth is that murder is wrong, can there be another truth that states murder is right? What if you say killing in self defense is right and killing without reason is wrong?

What about rape with consent, is it still rape? Even if she only agreed once you started raping her? And what if she said no all along but thanked you afterwards?

Where does evil begin and where does it end? How does one know if they're good or evil? And how much does it actually matter?

I'd like to think that most people are decent but an evil minority can ruin the entire word so what does it matter if the majority is decent?

Do the right thing day and night and they'll still destroy the world but perhaps your Creator raises you above it all?

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