Fired by the new jackass CEO

I have lost the joy I once I had. I'm a man of money and without money it's impossible for me to enjoy life. From $35,000 a month down to $10,000 a month is a huge hit.

While others would be over the moon to make $10,000 a month I find myself defaulting on payments for the first time since 2012 and I'm angry about it.

I went official and started filing taxes as I strongly believed that doing the right thing would bring financial blessing to my life. Ever since not only has what I've kept gone down but also what I've earned.

Whereas before I had one easy client with little work and high pay, now I have several demanding clients, who underpay me and one of them even locks me down to sitting in front of my computer nine hours a day.

I don't know what else to do other than accept my current situation without giving into it. Meaning this is what there is but I can find and will find better. Not accepting the status quo, not doing what everyone else does, tells me to do, or expects me to do leads to my success.

What I read says I shouldn't worry about the how but more about the why. It's hard to hold on to the why when I keep on finding modern day slave owners instead of emancipating capitalists.

In an ideal world I would create something that benefits the world and myself without locking me down in modern day slavery. Without depending on slave owners to feed me. But I have absolutely no idea what.

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