I'm going to find a way

Racing through the late night city traffic of buses, cabs, ambulances, cop cars and motorists. Electric bikes and cycling commuters.

Into the forest roads of sporadic motorists, cautious jackals and a single track train echoing throughout the mountains. Down into the land of highways and high speed railroads, heavy industry and endless trucks screaming across the land. Highway patrol speeding along, flashing lights. Buses traveling national routes. Commercial jets and military helicopters in the sky.

Back onto the quiet country roads and then into the completely solitary climbing roads through the Jerusalem Mountains.

Modern asphalt passing ancient tombs. High tech irrigation next to primitive simple olive trees.

Watching out for cars, pedestrians, electrics bikes. Then jackals. Then trucks and back to jackals. Returning to a sleeping city of ambushing street cats.

Familiar bad roads to good familiar roads to bad unfamiliar roads to good unfamiliar roads and then back to familiar bad roads that have now been repaved to good roads.

Dry, wet from the trees, wet from rain, dry again, muddy, dry, wet, dry mud, wet from road cleaners. Burst pipes and yesterday's puddles.

Fitness is a must but patience is a given. Laughing at danger is desirable, but risks should be avoided. Easier if you believe in something.

Awake, tired. Energized, wasted. Seeing clearly, seeing black and white. Strong as hell, weak as fuck. I can't believe those distant twinkling lights up on the horizon is where my bed is.

Thoughts of wisdom, reckless emotions, lucid dreaming. Beautiful women dancing around the fire. Phantoms in the corner of my eye. Furry feet standing behind the railings.

Wheels turning, legs spinning, arms aching, eyes seeing what is and what isn't. What might be and what for sure was. Is there a God? What did she mean by that? I wonder how he's doing?

Full moon showing what only few get to see at night. A paradise between an ancient holy city and a modern State. My God this is amazing, just look at it! Was that an owl? It was fucking huge!

Why do jackals howl when it's dark? Why do I ride when it's dark? Why do I stop at red lights at 2 AM? Why is that guy just standing there?

Every time I wanna feel your love, I'm going to find a way. I'm going to find a way.

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