The Day Hamas Won Against Israel

On that Saturday morning, Hamas won against Israel. They outsmarted the world's 11th superpower. They used scooters and primitive communication methods. Actually, it was an ingenious tactic. And it effectively bypassed all the defences of Israel. Resulting in one of the greatest tragedies in the State of Israel's history.

But the strategy used by Hamas is not their invention; anyone trained in guerilla warfare knows that what they did was according to the textbook. Except, of course, for butchering and kidnapping everyone, that is uniquely Islamic Fundamentalism at its finest. Probably the greatest threat to the free world than anything else.

Even Iran claimed that irreparable damage was done to Israel. What does that mean? It means that everyone knows now that Israel's deterrence and strength are an illusion. Much like we learned the same lesson about Russia when, after two years, it still hasn't made any serious gains in Ukraine. Many have lost the fear of Russia. Armenia choosing to become more Western and Finland not fearing joining NATO are only two examples.

But if Israel is no longer feared, then her days in the Middle East are numbered. There are too many enemies surrounding this tiny country that can be driven from North to South in a few hours. So the only option Israel has is to completely and utterly destroy Hamas, even if it means killing thousands of civilians, for it's not a war about justice; it's a war for survival.

It's a war to prevent a destructive threat to its 10 million citizens, of whom only 80% are Jewish. There are plenty of Arab, Druze, Bedouins and Christian Israelis who are proud to be Israeli and who are also on Hamas's kill list.

There will be an outcry. The Jews will be evil. Israel will be called the regime of genocide. Our prime minister will be compared to Adolf Hitler himself. Nobody will care about the evil Russia is doing in the Ukraine because Israel will be the worst of the worst. These baby killers. But at the end of the day, all its enemies will remember what happens if you fuck with Israel.

And this is the reason why Hezbollah isn't really doing anything and why Iran isn't really doing anything because they know they're next if they even think about trying what Hamas did. And Hamas is over. Gaza is over. It will never be the same again.

In the Middle East, the one who is craziest survives. This is the true and perhaps sad reality. But it's either Israel or them. And it will always have to be Israel first, for Israel's purpose is to prevent the destruction of the Jewish people and those loyal to them above all else.

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