Global Minds Unveiled

Residing in numerous countries has significantly moulded my mentality, encompassing positive and challenging facets.

Growing up in Greece, my admiration extended beyond its scenic beaches to the industrious builders who commenced work before sunrise, employing manual tools and portable concrete mixers. Simultaneously, I found inspiration in the maritime magnates whose colossal tankers in Piraeus fueled my dreams. This environment instilled the belief that diligent work could propel one to such heights.

During a diamond transaction, a Lebanese customer jokingly remarked about the perceived bargaining prowess of Jews and Greeks, a comment that stuck with me. In Greece, I witnessed the exchange of cash as a symbol of business, fostering a hardworking ethos. Conversely, my Jewish heritage instilled a determination to prove sceptics wrong – a mindset that led me to succeed in a gruelling 10-day selection process for a special army unit.

Born to an English father, I embraced the significance of expressing justified anger and the strength of humour. Born to a Swiss mother, I inherited a respect for financial success, considering Switzerland's historical banking secrecy and the ubiquity of wealth. The Swiss mentality taught me the value of financial stability, albeit in a changed banking landscape.

Acknowledging Jewish mentality requires delving into the Israeli mindset, where the common belief is that everything will be okay. However, my response has always been, "It will be okay if we make it okay." The influence of the Middle Eastern environment taught me the necessity of embracing an unconventional mindset to thrive.

In a metaphorical sense, our lives are akin to creating a beautiful candle dipped in various buckets of coloured wax, resulting in a unique and special outcome. Embracing the diverse mentalities and experiences that have contributed to our identities is essential, recognising that each "bucket of wax" has shaped who we are today.

Regrettably, many people shy away from parts of their heritage due to embarrassment, not realising that pride and understanding are crucial for personal success. It's essential to appreciate ourselves, understanding that there are no mistakes, only stories that contribute to our journey.

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