I'm just not feeling it

Everything is all right. Nobody's disrespecting you. They pay you on time. It would be best if you were grateful that you have a job, especially when so many don't. But you want more. You're just not feeling it.

"What's wrong? Are they mean to you?" It's not that.

"Is the pay too low? Well, at least you're making money!" I guess it's kinda low, but it's not that.

"Do you not like your boss?" I don't mind the guy, but it's not that.

Change that perspective already, and be grateful for what you have. Be happy with your pile of dog poop; at least you have plenty of doggy poop bags and it doesn't smell that bad. See, you can't even point out anything wrong. You're just whining and complaining, but everything is probably fine.


"But what?"

"I'm just not feeling it."

And that's OK. It's OK to want change because you're just not feeling it. Why does everything have to be so terrible before choosing something else?

Business class is great, but I want 1st class. What's wrong with Business class? Nothing. I just want 1 class. Are the drinks not good in Business class? No, they're fine. I just want the first class. But do you realize how lucky you are to fly business class? My life, not yours, I want 1st class. Wanting something for the sake of wanting something rather than because what you have is terrible.

"Do you guys fight? In front of the kids? Does he drink?"

"No, he's a good man. I'm just not feeling it." You ungrateful woman, don't you realize how many other women have it worse than you? Their life, not mine. I'm just not feeling it.

Ah, the hate! The dragging you back into the dark, wet, stinky bucket, like a crab trying to escape its fate of being served for dinner. How dare you want change when things are OK. You entitled, spoiled brat!

Entitled? Spoiled? I'm willing to work for the change I want. I'm willing to do everything it takes. I'll spend all my money. I'll work day and night because I want change and not because everything sucks, not because everything is terrible, but because I know that there is better for me. I know this because I'm just not feeling it where I'm at right now.

You're on the right path when they roll their eyes and when they frown and call you ungrateful. And when they laugh and call you a dreamer, you know you're so close to your promised land. So close!

I don't feel it is the beginning of your best life ever as long as you stop listening to others and start listening to yourself.

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