Hump Day Blues

Hump Day is the best time of the week to feel discouraged.

Not close to the weekend yet and too close to Monday.

Let the countdown what? To Friday night's Netflix binge? To catch up on all that sleep that you're missing out on? But you promised the kids things! You're not sleeping this weekend! And you did promise your spouse that thing you haven't taken care of for almost a year because you're so damn wasted. The weekend takes forever to come, and it's gone so fast, especially when it's raining!

So what's all this working for weekends and retirement thing? Why shouldn't every day be fun? Work like a dog all week, and you'll be let out of the kennel for a while. Work like a dog all of your life, and you can roam the woods for a while if you're not too old and tired.

The best part is that you might die today, tomorrow, next week, in a few months, a few years, who knows, but you're pushing off living life now because...because of what? The truck that drove into my friend and killed her instantly didn't care about her "responsibilities" to her four kids; it only cared that she was in the way. Cancer doesn't wait around for retirement, and if it does, then what a sad retirement. Finally, "free" to enjoy life and every other day at chemo.

You have to live today because today you're OK, and today you can fully enjoy this life, so why waste it doing things you hate? Why smile respectfully at people you don't care about and don't care about you?

Because you're afraid of the unknown and therefore assume that it's terrible, I promise you the unknown is a lot better than this crap everyone tells you is living "responsibly" and building a life for the "future." The future will come and go, and you will be scratching your head, wondering how you missed it all.

Apply, apply, apply, apply. Stop scrawling, stop planning, apply, apply, and apply today.

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