An Unfuckable Day

It was an unfuckable day. One of those days where the universe seemed to be conspiring against you. All I wanted was to unfuck it, to crawl back into bed and wait for tomorrow. But what kind of man just gives up on a Tuesday afternoon? So instead, I got dressed for a bike ride, though I had a thousand second thoughts about it.

Despite my reservations, I pushed forward. The city was alive with its usual hustle and bustle, but strangely enough, the traffic calmed me. Waiting behind cars for the light to turn green was a meditation. It gave me a moment to slow down and take in my surroundings.

As I reached the forested mountains, I was greeted by an old hunched over lady walking her dog. She smiled warmly at me, and for a moment, I thought of my own grandma. Man, how I missed her. But I kept going, climbing higher and higher into the mountains.

As I ascended, I wondered if this was the same crazy climb I had done before. If it was, I swore I would turn around and call it a day. But lo and behold, it was that crazy, ridiculous climb, and yet I didn't turn back. I pushed forward, my legs burning with each pedal.

Even as dusk settled in and the light began to fade, I could still see the fields and valleys below me. The occasional farmhouse with its lit-up windows dotted the landscape. It was breathtaking. I pulled over to take it all in, and for a moment, I forgot about my bad day.

The world may have its ups and downs, but it remains a magical place. And even on my darkest days, there is always something to remind me of that fact.

As I stood there, taking in the stunning view, I realized that it was moments like these that made the struggles worth it. Life can be tough, and we may not always feel like pushing forward, but it's in those moments that we need to keep going.

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