Jackals to Hookers

Descending a quiet road at good speed I overtake a minivan clearly unsure of its whereabouts. At the bottom of the hill it catches up with me as I'm drinking some water and enjoying the view.

Tourists. The teenager runs off to snap pictures and the mother approaches me to ask me if I knew where some archeological site could be found.

I point up to the mountain and proceed to explain the map of asphalt and dirt paths. After she thanks me I wonder how come I always know where the weird shit is?

Today walking in urban Tel Aviv I hear this guy walking behind me, coins jiggling in his pocket.

I remembered an article I read about a secretary who filed sexual harassment because her boss would stand behind her with coins jiggling in his pocket and I felt bad for laughing to myself about it.

Then suddenly, the jiggling pocket Sudanese immigrant - now next to me - says

"Hello! Want sex.. "

"No, thank you." as I keep on walking.

"No. No. Me want sex!" apparently I misunderstood him...


"Where beautiful Sudanese prostitutes?" hopeful.

"Next traffic light left. Then next one right. Then up the alley."

"Thank you! Thank you!"

How come I always know where the weird shit is?

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