The Illusion of Knowledge and the Freedom to Create

You think you know something, but do you really? What is it that you know? Some expertise? What you learnt in school? From your parents? Friends? Neighbours? Can you guarantee it's not all just one massive pile of shit? Of course, you can't. Everything you think you know is based on your thoughts, but what do you know?

2+2 = 4? Why do you know this to be so? Because you were taught that it is so. But maybe it's 5? It could be 6. The only reason it's 4 is because you've been told it's 4. And because you believe what they told you. If you lived somewhere else where they said it was 5, you'd get angry and frustrated with anyone who would try to convince you it was 4. So, what you know is based on the brainwashing you've received.

Finding the truth, if you're a truth seeker, is nothing special, as many of us have been at some point or another. Then, you'll want to find the truth behind everything. Still, if you're a bit intelligent and even wise, you'll realise eventually that there is no such thing as the truth. We live in a world that's an illusion; therefore, everything is a lie. Everything you know is made up.

So then you'll say, but science proved this and that, but these are all theories sold as indisputable facts. Years later, new science negates these past theories. Then you'll say, but I know it's true, I can feel it, I know there's a God. That isn't knowledge. That's emotion, or at least that's what I've been taught that it is.

So what does it change, concluding that everything is a falsity, an illusion? Either possibly depression or freedom. The choice is yours. If everything is an illusion, it's meaningless as it's not real. This can be alarming and depressing, but it's freeing. It could lead to an understanding that nothing should be taken seriously or held onto. That all is but a dream. And just like with nightmares, you feel sad about the horrors, but then you feel joy with beautiful dreams.

We live in a world of many experiences, feelings, events, occurrences, horrors and pleasures, which are only dreams. Which by choice can have absolutely no effect on us. In this meaningless illusion, we can learn that we are free to interpret everything as we wish. We determine what is true for us, what is good for us, and what is valuable to us and choose how real it is. In effect, we have the freedom to create our own reality, which can be a reality of hell or heaven or usually a mixture of both. It comes down to how much of it we will interpret and in what way. And how will all this be affected by a belief that it's all an illusion?

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