The Unfiltered Reflections of Society

The meat at the butcher's in the market looks beautiful. The lines, the colour, the drops of blood. A brief thought of feeling bad, but again appreciating how beautiful it looks. The bipolar attitude of society where we're supposed to feel bad for animals but not stop eating them. This "I feel bad" nonsense. If you don't feel OK with it, then don't do it, and if you're OK with it, then don't pretend that you're not.

Like all these people who rant against porn, but they're at it secretly, hoping not to get caught. In war, it's clear who the enemy is, and in modern society, we're all so dishonest, weak and pathetic. We smile at people we don't like. We ask people who we don't care about how they're doing. We use "I love you" to manipulate those around us. We mistakenly equal friendly with good and grumpy with bad. And then we're horrified about what people say about us or what this and that nice person did.

We have an intuition, and we're constantly having it questioned. Our dogs bark at someone or don't like someone, and we feel embarrassed, but the dog isn't the one not trusting its intuition. The bad guys are always somewhere over the mountain looking mean. Still, we all know they look like everyone else and sometimes even better and are among us.

You don't like someone for "no reason", and you start criticising yourself about how unfair you are again doubting your intuition. Then, someone insults you publicly with smiles and a twinkle in their eye, and it escapes you that this person is cruel and of lousy stock. And you continue a "friendship" that not only is of no service to you but also weakens you. The longer you put up with abuse, the more you get used to it, and the weaker you become.

The strong shut down their enemies quickly. They don't worry if they're wrong. Somewhat wrong is better than weakened. One can always apologise afterwards, but regaining one's lost deterrence and reputation is much more challenging. Instead, be an over-aggressive tiger rather than a too-tame one.

Let them avoid you, let them fear you, let them pick on others. And of course, you'll have fewer friends, but who needs these "friends"? True friends are few, and if you're where you should be, you are self-sufficient and only have friends out of want and not need. Any relationship based on need is a weakness on your part. Everything based on want, not desire, conscious want, is of strength.

All that matters in this life is what you want and how prepared you are to fight for it against everyone. And that you have formidable enemies for otherwise you're not doing anything of value.

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