Remove the War Gods.

The world is going to war, and the fools are stuck on being wholly zoomed in. A war here, a war there, zoom out, and you'll see it's one war. One battle of East vs West or West vs East, whichever you prefer. An Axis - yes, an Axis that actually uses that name! - of Russia, Syria, Iran and everything that is of Iran (Hamas, Hezbollah, The Houthis, and co.).

Treacherous Turkey, Hungary, Serbia and now Slovakia, who won't pick the right side of history. Zoom out, and it's one big massive front that is already erupting.

Missiles being shot from the Red Sea to Eilat. Fishing boats? Or the Iranian Navy? Two US Strike groups with two aircraft carriers in the Eastern Mediterranean and claims of Chinese Navy vessels also in the East Mediterranean. And rockets from Syria by who other than Iran?

For years, we hoped WWIII wouldn't come, but it already came in February 2022 with Russia's invasion of Ukraine. And it now continues in the Middle East. In Ukraine, people are stuck on Russia's desire to commit genocide against Ukrainians. In Israel, we're stuck with crying about Anti-Semitism and Jew Hatred, entirely and utterly missing the point of the large scale of what is going on. Of how little it cares about Ukrainian identity and Jewish identity. It's about world dominion played by existing dominators and dangerous wannabe dominators. Of course, I forgot to mention China and North Korea. Both are also wannabes, while one is to be taken seriously and the latter a joke. But even jokes can be dangerous.

One thing that stands true for whichever side of the line you're on is that governments are willing to send everyone to their death for this war. Ukraine sends endless amounts of young men to the trenches, where they are ground up as meat. Russia likewise sending everyone they can to the trenches and shooting anyone who turns back. And now, in Israel, we are sending our young men to war with pep talks, glorious speeches and big flags and, then, in the evening, reading the names of the killed. Once a slain soldier every few months was a tragedy, and now we'll get used to hundreds if not thousands of dead. I wouldn't be surprised if, like in Ukraine, we stop listing the dead so as not to discourage the nation.

The tiredness of war hit Ukraine a while ago, and the glory is long gone there. In Israel, we're still at the beginning, but soon enough, we'll get tired and send the glory to hell. So many opinions, so many thoughts, you know it all, so what do you suggest? You have all the answers!

Remove the War Gods.

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